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Performance Test Training DescriptionPerformance Test Training Description


  • Eastern Canada
  • Quebec
  • Montreal
  • Ottawa
  • Toronto
  • Western Canada
  • Calgary
  • Other Locations
  • Training sessions can also be provided at your company site, all across Canada.

  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Performance Engineers

  • Knowledge of the Windows 2000 or Windows NT interface and environment
  • High-level knowledge of the Web and or client/server environment

  • 5 days

    The Performance Testing Methodologies training was built to give a new perspective on Performance testing to Quality assurance specialists. This class will teach the participants about methodologies and standards on performance testing and help develop the mindset of the students for them to understand better basic as well as complex concepts.


    Day 1

    1)    Business Perspective
           a.    Identifying Performance Goals
           b.    Strategies for Business Process Selection criteria’s
           c.    Identifying Key Performance Metrics
                   -    end-to-end system response time (user experience)
                   -    transactions per second for various components
                   -    memory usage of various components by scenario
                   -    CPU usage of various components by scenario
                   -    component throughput
                   -    component bandwidth

    Day 2

    2)    Performance Testing Preparation
           a.    Test Environment Architectures
           b.    Test Data Management
           c.    Performance Test Entry & Exit Criteria
           d.    Documentation Management
           e.    Communication Methods & Management
           f.     Performance Test Refresh Strategy
           g.    Risk/Mitigation Management
           h.    Generating work estimatesch risk

    Day 3

    3)    Performance Testing Execution
           a.    Detecting and Diagnosing Performance Issues
           b.    Issue Management
           c.    Performance degradation curve
           d.    Change Request Management
           e.    Collecting and Analyzing Test Results
                   -    Are user expectations being met at various user loads?
                   -    Do all components perform as expected under load?
                   -    What components cause bottlenecks?
                   -    What components need to be or can be tuned?
                   -    Do additional tests need to be developed to determine the exact cause of a bottleneck?
                   -    Are databases and/or servers adequate?
                   -    Are load balancers functioning as expected?
                   -    Is the network adequate?
           f.     Common Tuning Tips
                   -    Web server configuration
                   -    database design and configuration
                   -    application or file server configuration
                   -    cluster management
                   -    network components
                   -    server hardware adequacy
                   -    batch process scheduling/concurrency
                   -    load balancer configuration
                   -    firewall or proxy server efficiency
           g.    Determining user profiles impacts

    Day 4

    4)    Preparing and Validating Test Scenario Models
           a.   Transaction mix
           b.   Usage patterns
           c.   Data volumes
           d.   Maximum allowable response times
           e.   Minimum transaction throughput rates

    Day 5

    5)    Performance Test Types Categories
           a.   Baseline/Benchmark Test
           b.   Performance Test
           c.   Stress Test
           d.   Stability Test
           e.   Throughput Test
           f.    Integrity Test refers to Regression
           g.   Failover Test

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